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Hi!   I do hope you are all well out there in the universe.  With so much happening in the world it is so hard to keep up.  I pray for the healing of the nations that we all find the peace within, and hope to one day see the little ones with something to smile about.  

We have been quite busy here at Creations and I am back studying my Level 2 NCFE  in the Creative Art in floral design, with a lot more passion for what I truly love.  You were probably wondering what happened and I do understand.

I know it has been quite a while since I last posted a blog,  so as a treat to you,  I decided to post a video of some of Creations designs and also a basket designed for Halloween which is only a month away.  Ready for some cozy nights in?  Sure you are with that lovely mug of hot soup.

We are now in that time of year where the leaves have turned from green to orange then yellow fallen off the trees, some branches now totally bear.  Just to point out to be very careful especially when it's raining and stepping on the wet leaves, so, so easy to slip and slide and if you are not quick enough to stop yourself falling, you can easily end up with a nasty injury.  Back to coats and warm clothing as the weather seems to have switched a little with the cold and damp.

This is now the count down to the end of the year already in the middle of the autumn,  I can hardly believe. Looking forward to making much more designs with some beautiful autumn-winter flowers. Come by and say hi check out our designs.  

See anything you like then get in touch.  Always glad to help.  Catch up real soon!  Ps please do sign our Guest Book much appreciated.  



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