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Halloween 2017

Hi there,  been a few months since my last blog not enough time in the day, plus getting over illness which has not been an easy time for many.  Time to brush ones self off and rise again.

With all the negativity going on around the world and so much sadness too, I pray for change and for happiness to present it self to all.  Grateful for every waking day.

Now officially autumn at least in London, the leaves have changed their colours and falling from the trees. Time for heavy coats and bowls of soup to warm the heart and long socks to warm the knees. 

Halloween around the corner making plans to celebrate?  Pumpkins with cut out scary faces the childrens favourite. Lot's of snacks and witches hats with the odd cobweb or two, Im sure they will be in for a fright where someone might say BOO!

Be very careful when lighting fires though with little ones and pets.  So easy to get excited and have to live with awful regrets.

Planning a dinner party and would like a gorgeous candle-lit centrepiece, or halloween design, please do give us a ring to arrange something special for your night. Beautiful autumn flowers now in season to help you celebrate.  Take care for now and enjoy your weekend. 



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