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Chelsea in Bloom 23rd May 2017

Hi There,  been a while since I have not blogged!  So many things happening all at the same time.  To cut a long story short let's jump to Chelsea In Bloom.  A Fantastic display of Floral animals some pertruding from in to out of shop windows, so well put together you simply could not believe your eyes.  

Well done to all the talented floral designers who took part in the making of the displayed, and who truly made the day possibIe for the general public whom I am pretty sure had a great time taking lot's of photo shoots as much as my team and I.

Well done girls!

Next day was Wednesday and up bright and early being involved in the making of Floral head wear for the beautiful top models who would model the same.  

Although I could not get to Chelsea on the Thursday morning, not being too well from all the walking from the night before.  My team managed to get into the papers with designs which were worn by some of the super models.

A Great Big High five to those involved.

Hope to see you next year Chelsea in Bloom!

Yvonne xx

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