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Hey! Long time!   Hope your all keeping safe out there.  Feeling the cold here in London.:roll:  The chill reminding us all that winter is most definately here.  Don't forget if you have a elderly neighbour, please do give a little of your time just to make sure their keeping warm and having decent meals.  

In these current times that many find themselve's facing, it is so easy to overlook the smallest of things or giving a help in hand to the most volunarable.  Many may be afraid to ask for fear of embarrassment or the feeling of being a nuisence.

 A little help goes a long way and I'm pretty sure appreciated too.  

Now the trees are shedding whats left of their leaves, whilst seeing less light in the daytime, it is a great time coming closer for those who celebrate counting down the weeks to Christmas.  

Are you thinking of adding some beautiful colour to your home, office, restaurant or even event in the way of flowers?  Why not check out our beautiful designs and vibrant colours to raise your mood.

This time of the year can be very daunting with the lack of sunlight and not being able to get away or to Jet off to somewhere hot.   Why not give us a call always welcome.  Here to help and only a phone call away.

Pop by with a simple message and sign our Guest Book we will get straight back to you.  Taking time to thank all our customer's who spread the word about Creations Floral Designs, and our dedicated friend's who keep coming back for more.  Sending much love from the whole team.

Before I sign out, just a reminder asking you not to leave it too late put in your orders for christmas to avoid any dissapointment.  lastly too all you lovely people out there in the world have a fantastic weekend.  


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