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Hi there!   I just had to share the beautiful news about Ceations Floral Designs.  We are getting some great feedback about our style,  unique in its own way,  and you know we aim to please.  So grateful to all our dedicated customers and visitors who come by daily.  Always welcome.   I was told a few days ago that just by looking at our beautiful designs cheered up ones day and how stunned their friend's were by the cheer beauty

.  My answer to that was "You have not seen no

thing yet, watch the space lol"   Well off course that

comment made me feel absolutely fantastic,  just like dressing up to go to a ball.   Much, much more to come.  We put alot of thought into our floral designs with a touch of class, which takes time and effort with the flowers that we choose to use being so delicate,  

and we know there will always be something to catch your eye.  Hope to see you real soon, don't forget tell your family and friends. 

Lastly, wishing you all beautiful day-week from us here at Creations Floral Designs!



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