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Happy birthday Charmain Michelle Bryan!  Born 10.08.1976  who sadly passed away 04.09.2011  you left us all with an empty void.  Never a day that goes by without someone calling your name. Truly missed by all who knew you.  A very talented person with a very big personality.  We all love you and hope your giving the angels a good laugh with all your jokes! 

Not only was you a fantastic singer, you were a great chef too.  Yes chef was I am sure the last thing your staff would have said without knowing they would never see you again.  For me not having the opportunity to tell you for the last time how much I loved you and holding you tightly in my arms.  I do hope you enjoy all the beautiful flowers we at creations often make for your birthdays and memorials. A beautiful daughter, sister, mother and aunt.  R.I.P my pretty princess.  Your memories remain deep in our hearts. <3


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