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Hi there lovely people where ever you are, hope your having a very good Sunday and have enjoyed most of our weekend.  

Time seems to wait for no one.  Not sure if age as anything to do with it, but does it ever feel like there is not enough time in the day and you feel like your actually rushing to catch up with time?  Almost like the film Alice in Wonderland, when Alice found herself falling down the rabbit hole and when she finally landed she met with the white rabbit that was always in a hurry, watching the time and rushing to get to nowhere with no sense at all.  

I am beginning to wonder myself, what is life all about, were we ment to be rushing about doing daily what as turned into routine, working, cleaning the home, shopping, paying bills who seems to be everyones best friend right now, school runs,  running to the gym, around the block or in the park, cleaning the car, up and down the stairs wondering what you went up for only to come back down just about remembering why you went up in the beginning, dashing here, dashing there, got to finish this, got to finish that and thinking, thinking, thinking, what next.  

Where does it all end?  Surely life was never ment to be this way.  What about time for self?  Some are lucky enough to take a holiday twice a year, some struggle to even step past the street they live in.  Some are struggling living on the streets.  Wars here, wars there and mass killing of human life. To gain what?  A little bit of extra land? Afterall we cannot take anything with us when our time comes to leave this planet, so why not share a little LOVE starting with self.  

The body can only take so much. TIME OUT!  Gather your thoughts, slow down a little, remember not to put too much strain on the heart. And always be thankful for every waken day.  Take in deep breaths and breath out slowly.  Without the air where would we actually be.  Give a little help to those who cannot help themselves.  Many are struggling when you might have it easy.  Please do pop by and leave a comment on my blog page.  It would be great to hear from you.  Especially anything about flowers.  Maybe you can give me some tips on how to do better.

You are most welcome anytime, take care and have a lovely lazy Sunday.8)


Floral Designer

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