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Here we go, here

we go, here we go, :DYes it is that time of year to celebrate the biggest carnival in the world at West London Nottinghill.  Kicking off on Sunday bank holiday with the childrens carnival where you will see some of the worlds most spectacular designs of costumes, floats, dancing and other activities. 

There will also be lot's of different cultures of cooking in the way of BBQ's, stalls, beverages and plenty of music.

Monday much more of the same but, more for the adults with alot more people pouring into the area.  Come prepared to party!  Closing time 7pm.  Come along have some fun.  However, be very careful with purses and wallets, pickpockets will be rampant on those days.  Be vigilant and not a victim.  Less is best!  


From the team and I at Creations Floral Designs see you there!  Keep safe and enjoy!!  ps please do log onto our website, say hi and sign our guest book.  Let us know if we can be of help, don't be shy!!


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