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Radio Times Ballroom Floral Designs

Wow!  What a beautiful but busy day at Claridges Hotel, Mayfair, London.   I started my day very early and needed to meet with my team for 10.00am.

I could not believe I ended up in Baker Street where I should have been in Bond Street.  Totally forgetting my bearings and wondering why I was looking at Madam Tussards instead of Davey Street, I quickly realized my mistake and had that long walk back in the station to get the corrrect train via Jubilee line one top back to my destination.  After leaving the train I felt like I was doing the quick step Ballroom dance trying not to let my team down by being late.  Whilst being told by a boutique manager to please slow down its wet and slippery.  I  rushed by without looking back and shouted  "I know but I'm in a hurry today"

So very please when I finally arrived and feeling flushed.  The team were already in their work aprons and sorting through who was going to do what.  Time was the master and we had to be finish and be out of the premises before the radio times ballroom party guests arrived.   So much to do in so little time but,  my team are professionals so it did not take much telling as we were well on target.

 We split the team according to what designs and how big the designs needed to be.

So many materials had to be sorted to match each design.  It was amazing to see the professionalism in our team, some cutting some on ladders some navigating and some starting on the designs.  You could hear the sound checks going on at the same time with other company tcontractors sorting wiring , stage and film runs to make sure everything runs smoothly.   

The theme for the evening ballroom party.

Me just sorting the oasis for 5-6 table centrepiece.  


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