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Winchester Cathedral Flower festival Cascade

WOW!   What a beautiful day at the Winchester Cathedral Flower Festival Cascade on 24th June 2015.  Setting off early morning with all my beautiful florist friends from London.  We arrived safely by coach to this lovely little town, had to walk a little to the Cathedral but it was a sweet walk meeting the locals who were very friendly.  On entering the Cathedral we were met by one of the rep's promoting a magazine with all the designs that were currently on display.  I could not believe my eye's such beauty.

My friend and I quickly got out our camerers and started taking pictures.. It was mind blowing, So many Ideas and the art work from centuries ago in the Cathedral simply took our breath away.  So much to see in so little time. It seemed forever taking pictures and walking.  As we chatted the ideas were flooding in. Often hearing myself saying WOW!  Look at this and look at that, like being a child again.  After so much walking we stopped outside the Cathedral gardens for lunch and a good drink.  The day was very hot and we were all sweating like mad 8).  No complaints from me,  I would repeat that day anytime.:)  To all the designers who only took a day and a half to put all the beautiful designs together I thank you.  

I personally would like to thank the head tutors Louise and Carol and all involved for putting on such an great adventure.  I love being with you all.


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