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Friday again!  Wow!!  How quickly the days and weeks are flying by and almost September.  I can heardly believe.  It feels as though we should still be somewhere in April just coming into May. 

I often find myself having to ask whether it is Tuesday or Wednesday.  Is that unusual or Is that a sign of something or the other?  Yes it truly is a sign of loving what we do, too busy creating beautiful designs with a touch of class for our lovely dedicated clients. Always a pleasure to see a smile of satisfaction. 

Now almost coming towards the autumn months we can see the change of clothing in the high street shops, putting away some of the summer clothes whilst introducing the autumn winter colours, purple, browns, greens etc

thicker materials, coats, scarves, hats gloves and such.

Well, you will soon notice the very same with flower's, plants and some foliage.  Many are all year round, but many will not be seen till next years seasons.  Looking forward to some of the autumn and winter cozy colours in flower's that often make you feel like a nice mug of hot soup especially on a cold winters night.  Still im not one to put the chivers on as I too love the sun. 

Planning a winter wedding, birthday or event?   Look no further we are here to help just on the other end of the phone details on

 the contact page.

At this point we at Creations Floral Designs would like to wish you all a beautiful sunshine weekend, make the most of it whilst it last and take good care until such time. 

Ps Don't forget please do leave a message, sign the guest list or just say hi so we can thank you for coming by.  PPs happy birthday AJ so glad you loved your design too. Have a great day-evening.



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